Some FIU @ Central Michigan pregame observations

  • Very new and sweet looking but of the stadium on the north end (left hand side in photos from my seat)
  • Far and away the most lively tailgating scene I’ve seen in the MAC so far.
  • This is about as far away from Indy as I can do to drive the morning of for a noon kick. Started my morning at 5am and was on the road around 5:30 to get up here.
  • I freely admit to a chuckle at “Kelly/Shorts” for a stadium name. After so many “Memorial Stadiums”, it’s nice to have a kind of amusing name.
  • We’ll see how it goes, but planning to head out early in the third quarter to try and catch a tailgate for Michigan State. Message board interactions with those folks have been fun - as hanging out with other MSU folks at a WVU Final Four years ago (and the Northwestern game a few weeks ago)
  • Likely to try to post some audio a time or two as well.
Chris Vannoy @v